Desincrustante quimcio para remoção de incrustações devidas a sais de cálcio, ferro e magnésio, em equipamento térmico, sistemas de refrigeração, permutadores de calor, serpentinas, pasteurizadores, autoclaves, aparelhos de medição de água, ar condicionado, piscinas, tijoleiras, mármores, etc

DESCALCIM - Chemical descaler

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Removing scale due to calcium, iron and magnesium salts in thermal equipment, refrigeration systems, heat exchangers, coils, pasteurizers, autoclaves, water measuring devices, air conditioning, swimming pools, tiles, marbles, etc.

REMOVE - Easily incrustations of carbonates, silicates, sulfates, iron oxides etc.
MISCIBLE - With water in all proportions.
CONTAINS CORROSION INHIBITORS - So that the acid descaling operation does not attack metal surfaces.
EFFECTIVE CONTROL - Dosage using pH indicators.
EASY REMOVAL - By rinsing.

Application mode:

External descaling: Dilute DESCALCIM of 1:4 parts of water, apply with brush, spray or immersion, leave to act for 5 to 10 min., Rub and wash well with plenty of water.

Interior descaling of thermal equipment: Dilutions from 1:2 to 1:3 allow to circulate 4 to 6 h. Add DESCALCIM until the outlet liquid is the same color as the inlet (reddish). Rinse with plenty of water.

Presentation: 20lt plastic jerrican with 22kg of product

Acute Tox. 3: H311 - Toxic in contact with skin
Acute Tox. 4: H302 - Harmful if swallowed
Eye Irrit. 2: H319 - Causes serious eye irritation
Met. Corr. 1: H290 - May be corrosive to metals
Skin Irrit. 2: H315 - Causes skin irritation
STOT SE 3: H335 - May cause respiratory irritation

For safe use, consult the safety data sheet in advance

For environmental and safety issues of our customers, CIMAI does not provide the technical data sheets and safety data sheets on paper, and all this documentation is available in PDF online on our website, and can even be downloaded.
Please consult the documents for proper and safe use (Technical data and Safety data sheet).


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