Swimming Pool Project Engineering

Renovation of existing pools:

Myrtha Pools

In case you swimming pool needs renovation or improvements, CIMAI will do a personalized evaluation in order to design a project that corresponds to your needs. During the evaluation porcess our team will pay special attention to the performance indicators of the equipment, analyzing its cost-effective ratio.

Once the evaluation process completed, we will start designing the engineering project that will permit to improve efficiency of your swimming pool and of the complementary equipment: filtering system, water treatment system, air treatment system and thermal power station.

CIMAI is an oficial agent of MYRTA Pools – Italian company the biggest company in the world for construction of swimming pools, starting with private, public and competition pools. MYRTHA Pools is the author and the owner of the patented solution RenovAction that permits to restore existing swimming pool avoiding demolition stage – the factor that reduces the renovation duration and costs drasticly. In case you would like to learn more about available solutions for your swimming pool, please get in touch with our professional team.

Projects for new swimming pools:

The initial research process for the construction of the new swimming pool, is probably the most importante stage of the project as it defines the success of the future swimming pool. CIMAI consults its clients at every stage of the construction of the new swimming pool and gives access to its experience and know- how in design of the swimming pool complex and its complimentary installations in order to provide appropriate solution for the final desired result, at the same time optimizing benefits for the future users of the installation.

Naturally we will give a special attention to the technical part: filtering system design, heating and water treatment systme, as well as to air treatment system.

Once designing a project for the future swimming pool we always keep in mind the importance of cost efficiency of the future exploration and have as a goal to keep them as low as possible.

MYRTHA Pools is oficial partner of CIMAI for the construction of new swimming pools. In case you would like to learn more about available options, please get in touch with our team of consultants.



You can control everything online! CIMAI provides access to the electronic maintenance management platform - CIMAI Facility Management (CFM). CFM, besides allowing each client to know the status of the equipment maintenance plans that are on CIMAI's technical management, also makes it possible to make specific requests for intervention for these same equipments. CFM also facilitates the statistical analysis of the general situation of the equipment, so that management decisions can be made, namely the possible need to purchase new equipment, to replace those that have more recurring faults.

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