The Barrier® M range of UV systems is designed for the treatment of swimming pool and process water with flow rates ranging from 60 to 5900 US gpm (15 to 980 m3/h).

The Barrier® M systems are equipped with special Wallace & Tiernan® medium-pressure lamps, type WTL. The radiation spectrum of 200 to 300 nm attacks both the DNA and the cell wall, proteins and enzymes of waterborne pathogens. The repair mechanisms of the microorganisms are therefore also destroyed. The Barrier® M reaction chamber is characterized by optimal hydraulics and low pressue loss, ensuring a high efficiency of the UV system. This system can be interconnected to DEPOLOX POOL controller. The system is scaled according to user's needs and can, in standard version treat flow up to 974 m3/h. For higher flow rates the equipment will be designed according to your specific requirements and needs.

Chloramines reduction

Public use swimming pools

Low operation costs and low head loss through low number of powerful medium-pressure lamps
Extended lamp life and energy efficient operation through accurate lamp power control
Low installation costs through space saving design and small footprint, easy installation and retrofit with in-line design
Safe disinfection because of negligible photoreactivation mechanisms
Low life cycle costs with hydrodynamically optimized chamber design