CIMAI was created in 1987 as a global manufacturer of high performance products. Currently with a “know-how” of more than 20 years of experience, CIMAI is present in Portugal, Spain, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde.

With the current structure CIMAI operates in two diferent business areas:

  • Chemical Products
  • Engineering

Chemical Products division is focused on research, development and production of special chemical products for swimming pool maintenance, hygiene and cleaning and industrial maintenance.

    We are specialists in “tailor-made” solutions for the problems of our clients. We made available to our clients a program under which our products may be acquire with private label of the client, or we may produce product with client’s formulas as well as new product development with respective formulas.

    Engineering division specializes in technical services and global maintenance, sales and installation of the equipment, mainly for the public swimming pools. With our multidisciplinary maintenance team we are leaders in technology supply for swimming pool water treatment, sustained by experience obtained throughout the years of operation and associated to the qualifications of our technical staff. 

    CIMAI is a 100% Portuguese company, founded in 1987 by Maria de Lourdes Mesquita, a leading chemist and researcher in Portugal, who in addition to running the company until 2014, was responsible for all the company's R&D.

    In 1994, Pedro Mesquita, joins the company, assuming its management in 2014.

    CIMAI exports its products to Germany, Poland, Spain, Angola, Mozambique, São Tomé and Principe.

    In 2009 CIMAI Cabo Verde is created and in 2016 CIMAI Brasil is born.

    We are an ISO 9001 certified company, since 1997.



     CIMAI is a business-oriented company with its own production unit. Internally we are divided into two business units: Chemical and Engineering Units. Our commercial team works with both of them. Organizational structure of CIMAI is horizontal which permits to make quick business decisions.



    Our company started as a research laboratory which steadily grown to its current medium size company. The strategy of our company is to consolidate our market presence in Portugal and to increase our presence at international markets such as: Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Cape Verde and Russia. Todays market challenges makes us to reinforce our efforts and to concentrate our resources on our core business, where we are leaders and can bring add on value to our clients.


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