Sanitizing water systems

One of the ways to prevent and to eradicate Legionella from water systems, including pipes, tanks or water reservoirs, exchangers, mixers and shower heads, is through cleaning and disinfection processes. CIMAI has a team of qualified technicians prepared to perform this work completing all the guidelines of the Directorate-General of Health, whether for Legionella prevention or decontamination of already contaminated circuits.

Legionella Pneumophila is a bacteria that causes Legionnaire’s disease – a potentially mortal severe form of pneumonia. In less severe form bacteria may cause Pontiac fever. Now days, estimate of 47 species of Legionella are known.

Legionella’s bacteria inhabits in natural aquatic environment, as well as in artificial, such as water distribution/supply systems, hot and cold water building networks, air conditioning and cooling systems (cooling towers, evaporative condensers and humidifiers) that exists in almost every modern building - mainly hotels, spas, shopping centres, industries and hospitals. Legionella as well may be found in spas, recreational tanks, Jacuzzis and decorative fountains.

Inhalation of small water droplets of contaminated water vapor serves as a vehicle for the bacteria to get to the lungs, where it than accumulated in the lung alveoli causing later on pneumonia.

Group of risk: smokers, people with chronic respiratory problems, kidney disease patients and immune-compromised in general people.

Conditions that foster the growth of Legionella Pneumophila:

  • Water temperature between 20-45ºC, with an optimum between 35ºC and 45ºC
  • pH between 5 and 8
  • Relative humidity superior to 60%
  • Areas with reduced water circulation: water tanks, cooling towers, building’s water supply systems, some endpoints of water distribution networks, etc
  • Presence of other organisms – algae, аmoeba, protozoa – in poor or untreated water
  • Existence of biofilm on water surface
  • Corrosion and incrustation processes
  • Porous and silicone based materials used in water distribution building networks
  • Metal presence

One of the ways of preventing and eliminating Legionella from water circuits, including pipes, tanks or water tanks, exchangers, mixers and shower cones, is through sanitization / disinfection processes. Cimai has qualified teams to carry out this hygiene / disinfection work, complying with all the recommendations of the General Health Directorate, both as a means of preventing legionella and as a means of decontaminating already contaminated circuits.

You can control everything online! CIMAI provides access to the electronic maintenance management platform - CIMAI Facility Management (CFM). CFM, besides allowing each client to know the status of the equipment maintenance plans that are on CIMAI's technical management, also makes it possible to make specific requests for intervention for these same equipments. CFM also facilitates the statistical analysis of the general situation of the equipment, so that management decisions can be made, namely the possible need to purchase new equipment, to replace those that have more recurring faults.

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