Desincrustante alcalino multiuso para lavagem e desinfeção de bancadas e pavimentos, arruamentos, instalações sanitárias, cais de piscinas e balneários, removendo eficazmente gorduras difíceis, incrustações e depósitos carbonosos, sendo altamente eficaz na remoção do chamado “negro de fumo”.

CIM 80 - Degreasing, degreasing and broad spectrum disinfectant.

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Due to the combination of the latest generation of biocides and the high concentration of active chlorine, CIM 80 is effective against several types of microorganisms, complementing the high performance descaling and degreasing action.

It is not flammable.
MISCIBLE WITH WATER in all proportions.
It does not contain cyanides, chromates and other toxic substances.
EFFECTIVE ACTION on carbon black, grease, alkaline incrustations or carbonaceous deposits.
Effective action for washing toilets and floors, leaving surfaces clean and defatted.
No, its use on metallic, aluminum or iron surfaces is recommended.
Easily removes dirt, grease and stains on plastic material.

CIM 80 combines its effectiveness in disinfection, with an excellent descaling and degreasing action. Being a low foam product, it can be used to clean and disinfect sensitive surfaces. The use of CIM 80 covers a wide range of performance, namely in the washing and disinfection of benches and floors, streets, sanitary installations, swimming pools and changing rooms, effectively removing difficult fats, incrustations and carbon deposits, being highly effective in removing the so-called “Carbon black”.
Being a strongly alkaline product, however, it should not be used on metallic surfaces, such as aluminum and iron.

Application mode: The CIM 80 can be used with a cloth, mop or brush, diluted from 1: 5 to 1:10 with water. After application there should be a contact time of at least 5 minutes and at the end, rinse with plenty of water. Plastic containers should be used in the preparation.
Presentation: plastic jerrican 5lt or 20lt with 6kg or 24kg of product

Aquatic Acute 1: H400 - Very toxic to aquatic organisms
Aquatic Chronic 3: H412 - Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects
Met. Corr. 1: H290 - Can be corrosive to metals
Skin Corr. 1: H314 - Causes severe skin burns and eye damage
EUH031 In contact with acids liberates toxic gases. EUH206 Attention! Do not use with other products. Hazardous gases (chlorine) can be released.

For safe use, consult the safety data sheet in advance

For environmental and safety issues of our customers, CIMAI does not provide the technical data sheets and safety data sheets on paper, and all this documentation is available in PDF online on our website, and can even be downloaded.
Please consult the documents for proper and safe use (Technical data and Safety data sheet).


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