Cêra acrílica para o chão

CERCIM - Acrylic wax for the floor

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Recommended use - on vinyl floors, tiles and unglazed mosaics, wooden blocks, etc. Leaves a self-shiny protective film. Used in hospitals, clinics, hotels, offices, gyms, etc.

PROTECTS AND SHINES - plastic, marble, tile and stone floors.
SIMPLE - easy to maintain.
RESIST - to normal neutral detergents and water.
ELIMINATES - the need for frequent waxing.
FACILITE - washing and removing marks from heels and rubber soles.
QUICK - quick cleaning operation, as dirt is repelled, due to the anti-adherence phenomenon.
QUICK REMOVAL - removes several layers of CERCIM with CIM 50 SU or CIM DECAPE.

Application mode: Applies with a wool or fiber cloth, can be sprayed but not applied with a sponge. It is self-shiny and levels itself. In a first application, 1 to 2 layers are recommended, at intervals of 1 to 2 hours for drying. Daily maintenance is limited to wiping with a damp cloth a solution of neutral detergent such as SOLCIM. Weekly or monthly, apply the diluted wax 1: 5 or alternatively use the product LAVINCER.

  • Presentation: plastic packaging 5lt or 20lt with 5kg or 20kg of product respectively.

    Skin Sens. 1A: H317 - May cause an allergic skin reaction

    For use in industrial installations or professional treatment only

    For safe use, consult the safety data sheet in advance

    For environmental and safety issues of our customers, CIMAI does not provide the technical data sheets and safety data sheets on paper, and all this documentation is available in PDF online on our website, and can even be downloaded.
    Please consult the documents for proper and safe use (Technical data and Safety data sheet).


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