Information session on Legionella

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Information session on Legionella

It was on the 17th of January that the Clarionella Prevention and Control Clarification Session organized by CIMAI took place in the Auditorium of the Medical Center of the University of Lisbon.

The event included the participation of Dr. Paulo Diegues from DGS - General Directorate of Health, who came to talk about the “Legionella Risks associated with Supply Systems and Building Networks and Issues in Law No. 52/2018, of 20 August”, Engº Paulo Nunes from Estádio Universitário from Lisbon, who spoke about how “Legionella Prevention” is carried out in its facilities, Engº Élio Ribeiro from Grundfos company who addressed “The use of Chlorine Dioxide to fight Legionella” and also Engº Luis Perea from Buckman, who spoke about his experience in Spain in “Legionella Treatment and Prevention, technical foundations and application according to Spanish Royal Decree 865/2013”.

In this event we managed, once again, to fulfill our objective of giving information and knowledge to all those present.

We thank you all for your presence!

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