Industrial Water Treatment

Since 1987 CIMAI produces specialized chemicals and at the first stage of its development was focused mostly on production of special chemicals for industrial maintenance and water treatment.

In 90’s, as a result of successful partnership with north-american company Buckman Laboratories, serie of products for industrial and residual water treatment focused on prevention of corrosion and incurstation in open or closed headting and cooling systems was launched.

Our product portfolio for industrial and wastewater treatment consists of multifunctional microbicides, corrosion inhibitors and scale, antifreeze, flocculants, coagulants, defoamers, etc. Our products for the industrial water treatment are divided by the areas of application:

    Boilers and Vapor Systems
    Closed Refrigeration Circles
    Open Refrigeration Circles

    Reverse Osmosis Systems
    Residual household and industrial water
    Sanitation Networks