SPOT PRO 100 - Suction robot for pools up to 25 meters

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The new robot from Hexagone is a robot aimed at professionals with large pools. It is mainly suitable for all public pools (hotels, condominiums, camping, municipal swimming pool, etc.). Its design makes it capable of vacuuming pools up to 25 meters.
The robot sports a magnificent black carbon shell with a floating hand strap. 

The SPOT 100 robot is very easy to remove from the water and weighs just 9 kg.

The self-floating cable is 30 meters long! 

This robot is guaranteed for 2 years (excluding consumables)

The SPOT 100 is delivered with a cart, which facilitates its transport.


The movements of this robot are ensured by the navigation system Aqua Positioning Technology (APT), which consists of a gyroscope, compass and two infrared sensors, to define and auto-configure the trajectory of the equipment during the cleaning operation. With its powerful state-of-the-art algorithm, the SPOT robot always knows its location in the pool, moves easily, even when the water levels have slopes and is always optimizing its path to ensure uniform cleaning.

This robot is prepared to clean the floor, walls and water line.


The robot has 2 caterpilars and 4 transmission belts, all easily replaced during maintenance processes. The SPOT robot is powered by 2 gear motors which give it a longer life. The engine also has a cooling system that allows this equipment to make long cycles without problems..


SPOT's specifications make it simply the best in its class. PVA or PVC brushes work extremely well and impurities are filtered through two separate bags, which is something unique. The filtration system thus comprises a filter for particles and another for larger debris. This way, we can prevent the filters from clogging and thus guarantee a more effective cleaning. The robot also has 2 soft brushes on each side, suitable for cleaning the base of the walls and helping to stir the algae,
The result is a 25 mt swimming pool perfectly



The SPOT 100 robot has an IP44 waterproof, splash-resistant housing, which can be fixed to the wall or mounted on the cart. The user interface has anti-wear buttons that also guarantee perfect insulation.

In the control box we can choose to start the robot in automatic mode with immediate operation or timed start. It also has a turbo express cleaning mode, for faster than normal vacuuming.

The SPOT robot has a remote control with a range of 30m. There is also the option to rotate the robot 360º during the cleaning operation.
SPOT is equipped with a 110-220V / 24V power supply


Travel speed: 10 -15 m/min

Suction power: 27 m3/h

Filtration capacity: 3.1 kg

Brushes: PVC, PVA option

Brush width: 40cm

Power: 110v -240v/24vdc 

Weight outside / in water: 9kg / 2kg

Included: cable 30 meters long, transport car, remote control.


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