CROCODILE ROCK SERIE 5 - Suction robot for pools up to 15 meters

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In the incessant search for the balance between experience and innovation, Hexagone has developed state-of-the-art hardware and software for new robots, Aqua Position Techology in which the equipment's memory together with the sensors allow to correct the route and define it automatically. This system allows the equipment to "know" the size and characteristics of the tank, as well as to analyze the state of the water and to identify the existing slopes.

The performance of the equipment is thus optimized in each cycle, which allows to reduce operating time and energy consumption.


  • Dual bag filtration system: a 5 micron filter for very small soils and a 100 micron filter for large debris
  • Gyrotwist technology - the cable is anti-twist
  • Aqua Position Tecnhology - Integrated mapping memory
  • Hexabag - Hexabag complete filter indicator
  • AmperO probe - air / waterline detection
  • Watercontro - Security to protect the robot
  • Defining the path through the gyroscope
  • Angle Sensor: for the detection of obstacles and walls
  • AutoCheck Intelligent Maintenance - Automatic maintenance verification


The Crocodile Rock combines the performance of a turbocharged axial pump with a dual filtration system, thus allowing exceptional suction quality
The gyroscope coupled with an exclusive positioning algorithm, multiplies your travel possibilities in a simple way.
The microprocessor with extra power performs twice as fast the aspiration with the memory data.
The capabilities of this robot are similar to so-called professional robots.

Travel speed: 10 -18 mt / min

Suction power: 23 m3 / h

Filtration capacity: 3.1 kg

Brushes: PVC, (with PVA option)

Brush width: 40cm

Power: 110v -240v / 24vdc

2 filters: 5 and 250 microns

Power consumption: 110 W

Navigation: Smartphone APP

Weight in / out of water: 9kg / 2kg

Modes: Turbo (express floor cleaning), Auto (deep cleaning, floor / walls, water line and stairs) and Absence (4 cycles every 30 hours for 1 week of shutdown)

Included: cable 18 meters long, transport car, remote control.

For environmental and safety issues of our customers, CIMAI does not provide the technical data sheets and safety data sheets on paper, and all this documentation is available in PDF online on our website, and can even be downloaded.
Please consult the documents for proper and safe use (Technical data and Safety data sheet).

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