CHRONO MP3 M - Robot vacuum cleaner for pools up to 25 meters

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With a width of 500 mm, the Chrono MP3 M robot is able to ensure complete cleaning of all types of pools in a short time. Equipped with a second generation gyroscope, which recognizes the dimensions
your pool to calculate the best path and thereby optimize cleaning time. The Chrono MP3 M is capable of cleaning a 25mx12m pool, in 1h30mn in crossed Magellan mode.
The robot is designed to allow it to move at a speed
12 meters / minute. It has a unique 4x4 system that allows you to get out of any situation and climb all types of slopes.

Its high suction capacity allows you to vacuum sand, hair and other impurities. To prevent obstructions in the turbine, filtration is placed before the pump. Its hat-shaped filtration system allows you to clean the filter in record time without having to touch the dirt that remains (filter bag with 105 μm).

French-made, its body and cart are made of stainless steel for greater durability and have a 7-year warranty against corrosion. The cart is equipped with puncture-proof wheels and a cable reel that allows your robot to be conveniently stored but always ready to use.

The Chrono MP3 M can have several configurations, depending on the size of the pool, shape of the pool, slope of the pool bottom, etc. To obtain the correct price for your pool, please request the quote and provide the following data: shape of the pool, length and width, depth, slope areas if any and degree of slope, if you can also send photos of your pool.

Suction speed: 10 m / min

Suction power: 50 m3/h

Filtration capacity: 3.1 kg

Brush width: 40cm

Power supply: 110v -240v/24v

Sensors (wall detection): 2 to 4

Weight outside / in water: 22kg/3kg

Included: cable (compliance according to swimming pool configuration), transport trolley, remote control.

Watch Chrono MP3 M in action in the video:


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