Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Since 1987 CIMAI specializes in production of swimming pool water treatment chemicals. CIMAI was first company in Portugal to offer composed products, specially engineered for swimming pool water treatment. Before that the industry was using raw materials with impurities that were dangerous and unhealthy in handling, a part from corrosive effect for the equipment of the swimming pool.

The same time the concept of swimming pool maintenance was introduced and consisted at that time of regular water quality analysis (physic-chemical and microbiological.

The swimming pool water treatment products are oriented on provision of integrated solutions with maximum quality for our clients, that at the same time are safe in handling for the staff and safe for the users of the swimming pool facilities.

Portfolio of our products for swimming pool water treatment is presented with:

Swimming Pool
    Chlorines and Bromine
    Active oxygen
    pH Regulators
    Alkalinity enhacers
    Disinfectants and descaler for filters
    Winter water treatment
    pH Regulators
Saunas and Turkish Baths
    Professional Oils