Communication from Managment

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Communication from Managment

After we saw the images on TV with the swimming pool for diving at the Olympica Games in Rio 2016, that has shown a swimming pool with green and turbid water, we decided to clarify that CIMAI does not provide maintenance service and never did at this swimming pool.

CIMAI was subcontracted by our Italian partner A&T Europe, producer and installer of Myrtha pools, for the maintenance of the following swimming pools: Olympic arena, training swimming pool at "Parque dos Atletas", training swimming pool at “Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro”, training swimming pool for sinchronized swimming at "Maria Lenk", training swimming pool for water polo at "Maria Lenk".

All earlier mentioned swimming pools were built from scratch or reconstructed by our partner A&T Europe (Myrtha Pools).

From our maintenance service contract were left out already existing swimming pools at the Maria Lenk complex, where the diving and water polo competitions take place.

Best regards,

Managment, CIMAI

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