• CERCIM - acrylic wax for floor


Recommended application - in vinyl flooring, bricks and tiles unglazed, wooden blocks, etc. Let self-glossy protective film. Used in hospitals, clinics, hotels, offices, gyms, etc.

PROTECT AND BRRIGHTENS - plastic flooring, marble, brick and masonry.
SIMPLE - the maintenance, easy in application.
RESISTS - to normal neutral detergent and water.
ELIMINATES - the need for frequent waxing.
FACILITATE - washing and removal of heel marks and rubber soles.
QUICK - Quick cleaning operation because the dirt is repelled due to the anti-adhesion phenomenon.
QUICK REMOVAL - remove several layers of CERCIM with CIM 50 SU or CIM DECAPE.



  • Protection
  • Embellishment
  • Facilitates floor maintenance

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