• CIM TACK - Full Alkali Detergent used in automatic Cleaning


Due to its elevated alkalinity and to the fact that it does not produce foam, it is indicated for CIP.

SEQUESTRATION POWER: Suitable for work with hard warter and high water temperatures
Concentration of CIM TACK:
2% - Up to 20º HF
4% - Up to 35ºHF
HUMIDIFICATION: Its surfactant components stable with soda, give it a great cleaning power, complementary to its own alkalinity, measurable by lowering the surface tension. Concentration CIM TACK 4% - 36 dyn/cm2
ANTI-FOAM: Its components are non-foaming and have an anti-foaming effect staring from 30°C
DETERGENCY: It is capable to eliminate any kind of organic dirt.



  • Cleaning
  • Degreasing

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