• CLEANAIR LIMÃO - Disinfectant - Germicide - Deodorant


Disinfection of air ducts of air conditioners and Air handlers, humidification systems and its components, avoiding the transmition of microorganisms to the humans.

Totaly ELIMINATES bacterias and virusis, creating air fresh, clean and pleasant environment.
INDOOR - prevents that existing in the air virus and bacterias are transmited from person to person. Eliminates stripes of dangerous to public health bacterias, such as legionella pneumophila, that quite often inhabits in air conditioning ducts, air handlersa and mainl in the humidification systems.
RAPID ACTION - pulverizing the air with AIRCIM it becomes sterilized in less than 1 minute.
APPLICATION - by nublisation in air to be desinfected.
LONG LASTING EFFECT the sterilization effect may last up to one day in places with little human traffic.
ODOR fresh and pleasant.
PENETRATES in the areas with difficult access, such as air ducts and filters.



  • Disinfects
  • Totaly eliminates bacterias and viruses
  • Prevents that bacterias and viruses existing in the air are transmited from person to person
  • Penetrates the areas with difficult access, such as air ducts and filters
  • Efficiently eliminates bad smells, such as tobaco smell and fire smoke, even when there is a fire in the closed by area.

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