• SODIUM CHLORIDE IN TABLETS - decalcification salt


High purity and uniformity product obtained by evaporation in vacuo from purified brine. The cylindrical shape of the tablet provides a maximum surface for the exchange in the regeneration of ion exchange resins

The use of hard water causes severe fouling in the equipment and piping, particularly in boilers, cooling circuits and condensers. Reduction of the efficiency of the equipment causes increased in power consumption and increase in the risk of accidents. The use of softeners overcomes this problem, as through an ion exchange process, they remove calcium and magnesium cations which cause the limestone.
Benefits of soft water:
Savings on detergents, softeners and chemicals;
Protection of pipes and equipment;
Reduction of technical assistance and increased equipment life span;
Reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions during water heating and cooling;
Risk of accidents decreases.



  • Decalsification
  • Prevention of incrustations

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