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AUTOCIM SU | shampoo for the exterior cleaning of the vehicle

Exterior cleaning for cars, trucks, carriages, trams, buses, etc., in service stations, garages, shipyards, shipping companies, etc.

CIM 20 SU | concentrated degreaser for hot or cold wash

Recommended Use - Metalworking Industry in the outdoor cleaning machines, lathes, etc. Engine cleaning, chassis, tankers parts, hoods, tarpaulins, tractors and all kinds of heavy vehicles. Efficient in cleaning floors or surfaces in workshops, factories, etc .. Removal of protective wax off transit vehicles. It can also be used in hot or cold pressure machines.

CIM 50 SU | multyuse water based degreaser

EMULSIFIABLE AND DEGREASER: for wax, oils, dyes, vegetable and animal fat
MISCIBLE WITH WATER: in all proportions
DOES NOT ATTACK: Metallic or painted surfaces, in recommended proportions.
EFFECTIVE: in removal of fat, smoke and dust resulting from traffic.

CIM 60 | Alkaline descaling

Removes hot or cold carbon deposits, burned oil, grease, carbon black, salts, etc., on machines and equipments, and any surface: iron, stainless steel or plastic.

CIM SECAUTO | Water repellent brightener for Motor Vehicles

EXCELLENT: water repellent capacity.
FACILIATES: and increases the speed of drying.
GREAT: brightening properties that give to a vehicle excellent appearance and at the same time treats the paint.
LIMITATES: drasticly the formation of rust points and protects at the same time areas where paint is missing.

CIM W | anti-fog glass cleaner

Specially formulated for cleaning glazed windows, balconies, windows, etc., in the hotel industry, construction, automotive, etc. Cleaning mirrors, chrome or painted surfaces where you want a glossy finish.

CLEANCIM | super degreaser for cars

CLEANCIM is a high foaming detergent, highly concentrated, for washing light or heavy vehicles.
REMOVE fat, black residue of smoke, etc ..

DELICIM | multyuse water based super degreaser

HIGH POWER: Degreaser
REMOVES: Easily all kinds of fats, whether plant, animal or mineral origine and waste carbon black
HIGH CAPACITY: For wetting, as it is formulated with the most modern surfactants
WATER MISCIBLE: In all proportions
ULTRA ECONOMIC: being super concentrated.

DILUENTE CIM PROTECTIVE | Diluent for application of sealant

Product used for viscosity reduction of CIM PROTECTIVE

ECOCIM | Treatment and emballishment of all plastic accessories or equipment in Motor Vehicles

Specially designed for cleaning, embellishment and treatment of all plastic surfaces in motor vehicles, domestic appliances, electronic equipment, etc...

FOSFOCIM | Degreaser And Deoxidiser and PHOSPHATIZANT

Cleaning, degreasing, deoxidation of aluminium surface, iron and its alloys in methalurgic industry, civil construction and automobile industry.

INDUCIM SU | industrial hand-wash

Specially formulated for use in workshops, manufacturing facilities, hotels, hospitals, military units, yards, etc.

INOXAL SU | Deoxidation and cleaning of superficies in inox

Removal of oxides and limestone in radiators or other equipment, materials which include more fragile metals such as copper, aluminum and their alloys. Scouring of corrosion points in the paintings of new vehicles. Should not be used on the bodies at temperatures above 25°C.

PAVECIM | Detergent for automatic floor cleaning machines

WASHES,DISINFECTS - all tile floors, marble, vinyl, etc., not waxed, even with hard water
CONTAINS - controlled foam surfactants, biodegradable.

REFRICIM | water treatment for the refrigiration systems

Specially designed to be used within water refrigiration systems of the motors of the light and heavy vehicles as well as ships.

TYRECIM P20 | Shiner for plastics and tyre treatment

Specially idnicated for usage in automobile industry, cleaning and embelishment of plastic and caoutchouc (tires) surfaces. Leaves the surface shiny and avoids dust settling.

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